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Organizations For Women Making Movies:

Female Directors and their Movies
A list of prominent female directors and their movies

Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film
The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University is a trusted source of information on the representation of women in film and television.

American Women in Radio and Television
The Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) is a non-profit, professional organization of women and men who work in the media and allied fields.

Media Report to Women
Media Report to Women provides information about the way in which television, cable, film, radio, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, the Internet and other emerging media depict women and issues of interest to women.

Women & Hollywood
Women & Hollywood (W&H) is an organization that focuses attention on women’s issues and Hollywood and raises awareness about all issues related to women and popular culture. 

Movies By Women
This site includes information on historical women directors, current and past statistics on women directors, and also includes female director interviews.

Women's Media Center
The WMC works with the media to ensure that women’s stories are told and women’s voices are heard. They do this in three ways: through media advocacy campaigns; by creating our own media; and by training women to participate directly in media.

Women Make Movies
Women Make Movies is a multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women.

About-Face equips women and girls with tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image. They do this through media-literacy workshops; Take Action, which enables girls and women to develop and execute their own actions; and our web site.

Essential Films by Women Directors - Amazon
A list of films directed by women available on amazon.com

Women In Movies Articles:

Female Directors, Still A Scarce Movie Commodity - NPR

Where are the female directors? - Salon

Female directors ignored by Cannes Film Festival - Telegraph

Female Directors in Autralia - article, IMDB

Nancy Meyers, Female Director - article, New York Times

Women Directors Fight Back - article, BBC

Female Directors, Still A Rarity - article, MSN

Jane Campion laments lack of female directors - article, USA Today

Helen Mirren stars in film of "Tempest" with twist - article, Reuters

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